The IIA's CIA Learning System®

Mefford Associates has selected to use The IIA's CIA Learning System® as the curriculum for the Mefford CIA® Review Course (a $325 value per exam part).

We have analyzed the other CIA® exam study materials and believe The IIA's Learning System® provides the best learning environment and includes the best set of resources.

The IIA's CIA Learning System® is included with your purchase of the Mefford CIA® Review Course.  You can learn more about all The IIA's CIA Learning System® has to offer on this page and by looking at

The IIA's CIA Learning System® includes online study tools, now optimized for mobile devices, will help you develop a personalized study plan, test your comprehension of the CIA® syllabus topics, track your progress and finalize your CIA® exam preparations.

  • Pre-test: Evaluate your initial knowledge to identify areas of strength and weakness.
  • SmartStudy™: Build a customized study plan using your pre-test results to target your most challenging topics and optimize your study time.
  • Chapter-specific quizzes: After reading each chapter, test your comprehension, retention, and ability to apply concepts.
  • Flashcards: Offer a review of key internal audit terms and definitions.
  • Post-tests: After studying all chapters, gauge the knowledge you’ve gained and areas that require further study.
  • CIA® Practice Exam: This final exam will help you build confidence using the computer-based CIA® exam software before you enter the test center.
  • Progress report: Track your activities and scores.
  • Resource Center: Access test-taking tips, CIA® exam resources, feedback links and more!
  • StudyPLUS: These new tips and tools, found in the online resource center, give you a final confidence boost for exam day. Learn more.
  • Online Access Period: Purchasers of an individual part will have access to the online study tools for one year from date of purchase.

New Tips & Tools to Take Your CIA® Exam-Day Confidence Over the Top!

The IIA's CIA Learning System® provides what you need to meet your Certified Internal Auditor® goal, including reading materials, mobile-optimized online study tools, and a variety of study options.

When you’re in the home stretch and want a final confidence boost for the CIA® exam, The IIA's CIA Learning System's® new StudyPLUS tips and tools, found in the online Resource Center, will help you feel in control on exam day.

  • CIA® Exam Tips & Techniques Video: We help demystify the CIA® exam by explaining how the CIA® exams are developed, how to approach CIA® exam questions, how the exam is scored, and key resources available to help you prepare and succeed.
  • Bonus Printable Practice Questions: Download and print additional practice questions.
  • Guide to Knowing When You’re Prepared: How do you know you are ready to sit for the CIA® exam? Follow these tips to make sure you are utilizing The IIA's CIA Learning System® components to the fullest extent and are best prepared to pass the exam.
  • Guide to CIA® Exam Scoring: Learn more about the scaled scoring system used in the CIA® certification exams to report test performance.
    CIA® Question Analysis Grid: Follow this simple template to better understand CIA® exam questions and increase your odds of selecting the right answers.
  • Study Tips from Successful Candidates: Learn from past candidates' successes! Download this PDF file to review a number of study recommendations from those who have passed the CIA® exams.

Who should choose a self-study format with on-demand video?

The IIA's CIA Learning System® self-study program is ideal for internal audit professionals who:

  • Have very busy and/or unpredictable schedules and therefore need a flexible study option.
  • Prefer to study on their own, at their own pace.
  • Have the commitment and drive to stay on track with their studies.
  • Want the benefit on lectures to describe the topics in more detail.

Benefits of the Mefford CIA® Review Course On-Demand with the IIA's CIA Learning System®

  • Complete the course at your own pace.
  • Study when and where your schedule allows.
  • Develop an individualized study plan.
  • Avoid travel expenses and time away from work.
  • Learn from one of the world's leading business trainers.

Reading materials provide the framework for your successful CIA® exam preparation, teaching the entire global CIA® exam syllabus in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

  • Materials teach the entire 3-Part CIA® exam syllabus.
    • Part 1: Internal Audit Basics (1 book)
    • Part 2: Internal Audit Practice (1 book)
    • Part 3: Internal Audit Knowledge Elements (3 books)


  • Study with printed materials or e-books.
  • Study with pre-recorded video lectures
  • Use books as reference materials for years to come.
  • Ensure you have the most current knowledge with materials that align with international professional practices.
  • One year access to the interactive on-line tools ($325 value per exam part).

What People Are Saying About The IIA's CIA Learning System®

The striking difference between The IIA's CIA Learning System materials and other available materials is that it helps you understand the material rather than memorize multiple choice questions. So each time a question came up during the exam, I answered because I knew the engineering of the subject. I passed all parts the first time and am now a Big 4 professional.

Pantelis Ladopoulos

The IIA's CIA Learning System has proven to be an effective learning tool to prepare for and pass the CIA examinations. The texts are well written and concise. The online quizzes and practice examinations are a great way to evaluate your progress and provide reinforcement to the material in the text.  I highly recommend the IIA learning system for anyone who wants to take the CIA examinations.

Mark Popp
Old Republic International

Three out of three. I passed all three parts on my first try, and this system helped me do it. Although the CIALS does not have the thousands and thousands of questions other courses proclaim to have, the CIALS provided an EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way for me to learn what I needed to and then assess what I learned. It focused me on understanding concepts rather than memorizing rote information and regurgitating it. I found that I was well prepared for the unusual and unfamiliar questions when they presented themselves in the exam. Kudos to a nicely designed system that did what I was hoping it would do.

Dave Maira
Carrols Restaurant Group

I love The IIA’s CIA Learning System! Everything was easy to use, extremely helpful and relevant to the actual test, and overall, a very well put together study packet. It all just made sense – it was not confusing like the other study materials I used prior to getting the Learning System.

Summer Daniel
Austin Radiological Association (ARA)

I gained more knowledge and confidence as I studied with The IIA CIA’s Learning System, which is user friendly and has an important amount of questions and practice simulations. It helps you plan ahead and keep a good pace in studying. The offered materials are the best option for a successful study plan and test training techniques. I am proud to say I passed all exams during my first try and am now certified!

Lilian Valcarcel
Newmont Mining

I have taken a number of courses and designations throughout my career. The IIA’s CIA Learning System is one of the clearest, best organized, and comprehensive study systems I have used. I am truly impressed.

Jo Orton

I found the IIA’s CIA Learning System to be outstanding. Comparing it to several other certification programs and hours of online CPE I’ve used, this is by far the best thought-out educational program I have ever come across. I have learned many valuable concepts and thought processes.

Dennis B. Keenan

The IIA’s CIA Learning System is a great example of “less is more.” It is clearly written without unnecessary verbiage. I got a lot more out of this program than the other materials out there. I passed the first CIA exam and will definitely be using the Learning System for the other three parts.

Sandra Amarante

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Why Choose The IIA's CIA Learning System®
with Mefford Associates

Benefits to CIA® Candidates

  • Comprehensive training: Interactive study tools provide intensive, comprehensive CIA exam preparation and practical career training.
  • Current topics: The IIA is committed to ensuring that our study materials are kept current to align with international professional practices.
  • Flexible scheduling: The print/e-book and online format allows you to study when and where it’s most convenient. E-books and mobile-optimized online study tools make it easy to study on the go!
  • Customized study plan: Develop a customized SmartStudy™ plan based on a pre-test of your initial knowledge. Make most efficient use of your study time by concentrating on the topics that require the most improvement.
  • Expert development: Study materials were developed by a team of CIA-certified industry experts, ensuring that the content is relevant to the CIA exam and the internal audit profession.
  • Professional challenges: The IIA's CIA Learning System challenges you to separate audit theory from audit practice and application.
  • Learning options: High-quality self-study materials combined with instructional videos from a top business trainer allows for better learning and retention of the materials.
  • Expert delivery:  Learn from one of the top business trainers in the world through pre-recorded video lectures.  Get the benefit of learning the concepts and topics from an expert in internal auditing that has trained hundreds, if not thousands of people, how to pass the CIA exam.  Gain access to private webinars and discussion groups to get answers to your questions.

Benefits to Employers

  • Turn-key Implementation: Don’t waste time and money developing your own curriculum. This premier-quality program was developed by CIA-certified industry experts and is available immediately, taught by one of the world's leading business trainers.
  • Customization: Choose a combination of self-study materials, Comprehensive Facilitator-led Courses or CIA Refresher Seminars taught by Mefford Associates.
  • Consistency: Provide a common level of internal audit knowledge across your organization.
  • Proven Competency: Prove to your audit committee that your team is well-trained, committed and qualified.
  • Performance Tracking: Online tracking tools allow your instructor to monitor your staff ’s progress and performance to ensure you are generating a high return on your investment.
  • In-house training options:  Have the ability to bring a CIA exam review course to your organization.  Get the benefit of the using the best CIA exam review materials, taught by one of the world's leading expert business trainers.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the value you receive from this training, just let us know within 7 days to receive a refund.