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If you are like most people studying for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam, I'm sure:

  • you find reading the study materials confusing and boring
  • you have a hard time finding the time to study consistently
  • you are unsure if you are prepared to pass the exam
  • you can't understand why you aren't passing the exams

You're probably saying to yourself:

  • If I just study more, I'll pass this next time ... but that's not working
  • If I just do more practice questions, I'll know the right answer ... but that's not working
  • If read the materials over and over again, I'll pass next time ... but that's not working

Aren't you tired and fed up with saying those things?

Putting in more hours of ineffective studying probably won't do much except make you frustrated and exhausted.

Doing more practice questions will actually give you a false sense of being prepared for the exams.

Have you fully considered what it costs you each time you fail an exam?

How much more time are you going to waste using an ineffective study method?

If you keep doing the same things that aren't working, you will continue to fail the exams.

If you've already invested in materials, but they aren't working ... it's time to invest in something new unless you want to fail again, and again.

If what you're doing isn't working,
it's time for a different approach.

If you want different results,
you have to take different actions.

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A step-by-step process for passing each CIA exam in 90 days or less,
ONLY available with the Mefford CIA Review Course.

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The Mefford CIA Review Course Provides You Support Through:

Easy to use recorded video lectures.
Receive the same information as if you were in an in-person course. You see the same slides and hear the same lectures, but have the opportunity to watch the videos as many times as you need until you learn the information.

In fact, one student said "Having a lecture with slides is really motivating, makes one feel like they are in an actual class and keeps my attention."

Flexibility to study any where, any time, on any device.
You don't have to block out time during your work day, or travel and be away from your friends and family to attend classes on online webinars. You can learn on your phone, tablet, or computer and the learning management system keeps track of your progress, so you know exactly where you are in the material. Each video is between 5-30 minutes, so you can study for only a few minutes or longer based on your busy schedule.

Tools to help you learn quicker and retain more of the information.
You receive a bonus Multi-Sensory Learning course to help you learn how to go from only 10% retention to almost 70% retention by using this proprietary methodology and the videos. You also receive guidance on how to mentally prepare for the exams, since it's as much mental as it is academic.

In fact, mindset issues are the #1 reason people fail the exams over-and-over again. With the Mefford CIA Review Course you learn how to overcome those mindset challenges and feel more confident.

Support and encouragement through your CIA journey.
You don't have to feel alone in your journey. Participating in discussion groups and online group calls, you can interact with the instructor and others in the course. You also get invited to attend quarterly Q&A group calls.

Unlike most other CIA Exam reviews, your access in the course DOES NOT EXPIRE.

Confidence in your ability to pass the exams.
The CIA Exams are as much mental as they are academic. Learn how to increase your confidence through mindset work so you can easily study and remember the information when you take the exams.

Answers to your questions with direct access to the instructor.
You receive direct one-on-one Q&A sessions with the instructor, plus email support to get your questions answered.

I Want This Support

Course Facilitator - Jason Mefford

You may be asking, who is this Jason Mefford guy and why can he help me?

I have been in your shoes. I studied and passed the CIA Exam while starting a new job, working 50-60 hours a week, and had a family and 4 small children.

I passed the CPA and CIA exams on my first attempt using the study method included in the course. You can pass the CIA exams in 90-days or less.

I've taught CIA review courses all over the world and have helped hundreds of people pass the CIA exam. In fact, almost 90% who take this course and follow the instructions pass the first time!

I'm so confident you will pass the first time using this course that if you don't, I will give you 2 hours of one-on-one coaching for FREE.

FREE Tips and Resources:
How to Pass the CIA® Exam

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What Others Are Saying:

"I passed all 3 exams on my first attempt (within 6 months) using the Mefford CIA Review Course. Getting my CIA also allowed me to get a new position as Head of Internal Audit" - Husam

"I passed the 3rd and final CIA exam on my first attempt." - Mike

"I have to say you explain things very well and are an amazing teacher. I like your cadence and it gives me time to make notes before you move off to another topic." - Eric

"Having a lecture with slides is really motivating, makes one feel like they are in an actual class and keeps my attention." - Terry

"Your program was an integral part for me pass the CIA exams!" - Dani

Investing in a CIA Review Course typically costs
$12,000 - $15,000 in registration, travel, and
time away from home. There is a better way.

The Mefford CIA Review Course Includes:

  • Online, on-demand video courses (Value of training registration plus travel $5,000 - $15,000)
  • Downloadable slide decks from the video courses (Value $750)
  • Reducing the number of times you need to take the CIA exams (Value $6,000 - $15,000)

Unlike most other CIA Exam reviews,
your access in the course DOES NOT EXPIRE.

Register TODAY and receive these

  • 90-Day CIA Success Plan - Step-by-Step how to pass each exam in 90-days or less (Value $1,000)
  • Separate Multi-Sensory Learning course (Value $500)
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with Jason Mefford (Value $2,000)
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The Mefford CIA® Review Course Makes Studying Easier

  • Unlimited access to the courses until you pass
  • Ease of learning. Hours of recorded videos that explain the material in more detail, and are much more engaging that reading boring material
  • You are not alone. Collaborate and have Q&A directly with the instructor
  • Still have a life while you study any where, any time, on any device in the comfort of your home, office, or on the go
  • Multisensory LearningTM method to improve your retention rate from 10% to 70% over other self-study options
  • Avoid wasting time, frustration, embarrassment and $$$ by passing the exams the first time
  • Fully learn the material - watch and re-watch the video lectures as many times as you need until you pass
  • Available monthly payment plans that anyone can afford
  • Confidence that you can learn the material and pass the exams
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What would it cost, if you don't take action today?

  • If you are passed over for promotion again because you are not certified?
  • If you have to take the exams multiple times? (hint: the actual cost is $2,000 - $3,000 for each part you retake)
  • If you have to tell your friends, family, and boss you didn't pass the exams ... again?
  • If you have to spend another 6-12 months of your life studying?

So now you've got a decision to make.

Do you want to keep doing things the same way, which will almost certainly leave you with the same results? Or are you ready to take action and get different results?

Certified individuals earn up to 40% more than those without a certification, and that usually translates into a $10,000 - $30,000+ annual increase.

That means you could easily earn an additional $300,000+ over your career.

Would investing $5,000 now be worth an additional $300,000?

Image what an additional $300,000 would do for you and your family.

How grateful would you be that you made a choice today, right now, to invest in yourself?

If you are the kind of person that is ready to invest in yourself, the Mefford CIA Review Course is right for you.

When you are ready to invest in yourself, register and get started today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long does it take to pass all 3 of the CIA exams?
A: Each person is different. On average people spend between 80-100 hours studying for each part of the exam and pass in 1-3 years. I have had some students pass all 3 parts within 6 months using this course, and think most people can do it in 1 year. With this program you can pass each exam in 90-days or less. When you register, you receive a study plan calculator, and step-by-step process to help you plan your path.

Q: How much does the Mefford CIA Review Course cost?
A: Your investment will depend on the payment option you select. You can see the current pricing on the Registration Page.

Q: What if I only need one part of the exam?
A: I do offer separate courses for each part. If you need to register for single parts, you can do so here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 or Contact Us.

Q: How do I pay?
A: You can pay directly for the courses using a credit card. I accept all major credit cards. You will receive an invoice receipt when you register and pay on the website. If you need to pay using your organization's accounts payable process using check, ACH or wire transfer, Contact Us

Q: Can I Use a Company Purchasing Card to Pay?
A: Yes. Register the name and e-mail of the individual who will be taking the course, and when you check out enter the billing information for the purchasing card holder.

Q: What if I need to register more than one member of my team?
A: You will need to register each person separately for the course and then use you purchasing card to make the payment for each person at checkout. If you need to use your company's account payable department to make payment, just Contact Us and I'll send you an invoice your company can use to make payment.

Q: Do you offer payment options?
A: There are different payment options depending on if you want to pay in one payment or over several months. Pricing options ares included on the Registration Page prior to checkout.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?
A: Yes! You have the option to pay over several months. I know many of you are paying out of your own pocket and I offer monthly payment options anyone can afford.

Q: What if I need my company to pay directly through accounts payable?
A: If you need to use your company's account payable department to make payment, just Contact Us and I'll send you an invoice your company can use to make payment. Once I receive payment from your company, I will manually register you in the course. You will not have access to the course materials until payment is received.

Q: What if I want printed materials?
A: The courses includes slide decks you can print out to use for note taking.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?
A: I do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the courses. I cannot offer a guarantee that you will pass the exams, since you still have to do the work and take the tests on your own. I'm so confident you will pass the first time using this course though that if you don't, I will give you 2 additional hours of one-on-one coaching for FREE.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: We can set up a time to talk and answer any other questions you have. Here is a link to book time on my calendar: or you can use the Contact Us option.

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Corporate and Other Training Formats

If you would like to have several members of your team go through the program, we offer corporate billing options, on-demand, and hybrid learning options (combination of on-demand, on-line, in-person). For more information Contact Us so we can create a package to meet your needs, and make sure your team gets certified.

  • In-house sessions with organizations
  • Public in-person sessions with local IIA chapters
  • On-line and webinar training (virtual)
  • On-demand with webinar sessions (virtual)
  • Corporate billing available for groups

If you are interested in having a Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA)® Exam Review Course delivered to your team or local IIA chapter, please Contact Us for more information.

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